About AvenueSweets

About AvenueSweets.

Thank you for visiting AvenueSweets, featuring the confections of candy maker Agnieszka Jones, a.k.a. Agnes. A native of Poland, Agnes immigrated with her parents to the United States in the early 1980s. For years, she made her amazing candy for friends and family. In 2005, energized and encouraged by the enthusiastic response and the demand for more, she established AvenueSweets. Quickly, her confections found their way into Martha Stewart Living, the gift bags at the International Emmys Awards, retail shops and given as gifts to help create fans across the country. Now featuring 15 caramel varieties, five varieties of brittle, four varieties of caramel sauce and our almond nougat. Plus, dairy-free (vegan friendly) versions of each. AvenueSweets confections can be found in hundreds of gift, independent, natural and specialty shops nationwide.

The candy maker

Hand crafted caramel, brittle and nougat.

Caramels: 15 delicious all natural, gluten free varieties.

Slow cooked in copper kettles, our caramel is truly made the old fashioned way. Using fresh, premium ingredients they might be the finest caramels you'll ever taste. Now featuring 15 amazing varieties, AvenueSweets gourmet caramels are handcrafted with Grade A butter, fresh whole cream and the highest quality nuts. Our three dairy free caramel varieties use coconut milk and coconut oil in place of cream and butter for a rich, delicious alternative to dairy.

Brittle: Elevated to a new level.

Our brittle is hand crafted with plenty of fresh, sweet cream butter, cane sugar and loads of top quality roasted nuts slow cooked to perfection. Our brittle is 100% natural and available in four delectable varieties - classic peanut, pecan, beer and blazing.

Almond Nougat: Soft, chewy and irresistible.

Crafting our nougat is a precision process that requires just the right ingredients, temperature and time. With tastes rooted both in Europe and America, AvenueSweets has merged the Old and New World to create our Almond Nougat. The mixture of fresh, whole California almonds and our nougat creates a soft, chewy nougat that has a subtle, sweet taste that is absolutely irresistible.

Caramels, Brittle and Nougat